Storm Arrows

Just as the name suggests, when the Storm is released there is nothing but devastation in its path. This is an ultra-light, micro-diameter (.166 ID) shaft with (.003 straightness) made with high modulus carbon. This shaft is a flat out shooter. The added outsert to the front of this shaft provides the hunter with maximum devastation and havoc. For the 3-D enthusiast, just add a glue-in tip. With increased speed and correct ability this shaft will keep valuable Kinetic Energy down range for even the largest big game. Less friction means more penetration. This shaft is ideal for any hunter or 3-D shooter.

Storm Arrows Specs


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Fire and Ice Arrows

When you think of Fire and Ice, the first thing that comes to mind are polar opposites. This is a perfect name for this shaft. The Fire and Ice is a small diameter (.204 ID) arrow, made with high modulus carbon and our custom engineered carbon weave. This arrow is designed to be lightweight and strong. This is a very hard combination to find in the arrow world. This makes this shaft a rare gem for hunters looking for speed, strength, and maintained momentum. With a weight that is in the middle of the spectrum, the Fire and Ice is easy to build FOC for even more customization. In our opinion, this is the perfect all around shaft for large and small game alike.

Fire & Ice Specs


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The Rock Arrows

Rightfully named, the Rock shaft is built with our exclusive carbon weave technology. This shaft is constructed for strength and consistency when it matters most. The Rock shaft is a 23 series shaft (.315 ID). This shaft is a great choice for paper punchers and 3-D archers alike. The Rock shafts come with uni-bushings, nocks and glue-in, break-off tips. This makes setup a breeze. For the target archer looking for maximum performance, look no further than the ROCK!

The Rock Specs


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Typhoon Arrows

The original carbon weave shaft, the Typhoon, is the foundation of Element Archery’s legendary arrow design.This arrow is pure devastation in the hands of any hunter. On the heavier side of the weight spectrum, this shaft has more than enough weight to put down even the largest western big game with no problem. Strong, accurate and consistent, is just how we like our arrows. Just like the name suggests, the Typhoon is an unstoppable force.

Typhoon Arrow Specs


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Quake Arrows

The extremely popular Quake arrow, has the same build as its older brother, the Typhoon, but is built in a standard diameter (.246 ID). The Quakes are a mid-weight carbon weave shaft that will perform under any situation. They pack enough punch to take down even the largest of big game animals such as, the North American Bison. The Quake shafts are one of the originals for Element Archery and show no sign of ever falling behind.

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Fault Line Arrows

The Faultline shaft is a small diameter shaft (.204 ID). It is constructed for the hunter who doesn’t want to compromise on weight, but also doesn’t want an ultra-light shaft. With a great mid weight GPI, the Faultline is a great all around hunting shaft for large and small game. For the target shooters, the GPI is very builder friendly. Add glue in tips and you have a great all around 3-D arrow with less wind drift than a standard diameter shaft. This shaft is also manufactured using high modulus carbon to give it more integral strength and more sufficient energy transfer.

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Tornado Arrows

The Tornado Shaft was designed with speed in mind. It is a high modulus carbon standard diameter shaft (.246 ID), with low grains per inch, for the archer who wants speed without compromising strength. The Tornado is a great shaft for the archer wanting to build FOC and EFOC. This is a perfect shaft for the quick footed Whitetail and speedy Western Pronghorn. For the archer not interested in hunting, the light weight construction will also serve well in reducing pin gap for 3-D shooters alike.

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Thunderbolt Arrows

The Thunder Bolts are made from the signature, Element Archery carbon weave technology used in the Rock shafts. This bolt has an ID of .300, comes with a 100 grain brass insert and is cut at 22 inches in length. This is great for the newer and faster crossbows with longer strokes. The carbon weave design gives this bolt amazing strength and consistency that is needed with today’s crossbows. You will be hard pressed to find a stronger and more accurate bolt in today’s market.

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